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Who Judges the FPRA Golden Image Awards?

Much care and thought has been put into the judging of the Golden Image Awards to ensure consistency and fairness. Each entry is judged by a panel of three judges, and the scores are averaged to determine the final score. Before that happens, the judges meet to discuss their scores and impressions of the entries, and to reach consensus on the awards to be given.

Our judges are required to have their APR (Accreditation in Public Relations) and are selected for their experience and expertise in public relations. Each judging team is comprised of judges from FPRA and at least one other industry association, such as PRSA. Usually, judging teams are made up of one FPRA judge and two judges from another industry association.

What are the judges looking for?

In reviewing your entry, the judges are looking for you to demonstrate your expertise in strategic planning and innovation, skill and creativity in messaging and implementation, return on investment and clarity in communication.

Before submitting your entry, review the Golden Image Entry Fields and Rubric carefully. This will help you understand exactly what the judges are looking for as they read through your entry and Support Materials.

The entries in each category are judged by the same panel of judges. However, entries are judged only on their own merit for Judges’ Awards and Awards of Distinction. Golden Image Awards are presented to the highest scoring entry in the category. See more on the Awards.

Would you like to judge the Golden Image Awards?

Judging the Golden Image Awards gives you great insight into the competition and helps you earn credits for your APR renewal. If you have your APR and would like to apply to be a Golden Image judge, please send an email to

Ready to Enter?

Entering the Golden Image Awards is easier than ever before. You’ve already done the hard work of developing your PR program or project, now you just need to tell us about it! You’ll fill out a series of questions and upload supporting materials – then cross your fingers and click Submit!

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